Discharging below the prescribed standard!News

The galvanizing department from Thomas Regout International, releases approximately 12,000 cubic meter (4 Olympic swimming pools) water during the galvanize process on yearly basis.  We have an ONO (Ontgiften, Neutraliseren en Ontwateren) installation to purify the water that is being used during galvanize process. The ONO installation removes inorganic compounds from the wastewater stream of our electroplating department.

In the ONO (DND) installation (Detoxification, Neutralization and Dewatering) the concentrated inorganic substances are being separated per batch from the water through a precipitation process.  The detoxification process contains the following steps;

  • Toxic ions are converted to a less toxic ion form at a low pH;
  • Connected to the step above, neutralization takes place by adding a basic solution to achieve a higher pH;
  • Next, a flocculant is added to obtain a good filterable precipitate of metal hydroxides;
  • The separation of the formed metal hydroxides then are filtered in a filter press and are then discharged through a sand filter.

The entire process is closely monitored by trained operators and is being adjusted where necessary. Both internal and external analyzes show that Thomas Regout International discharges far below the prescribed standard, which is something we are proud of!

Another achievement we are proud of is that we again achieved the environmental audit ISO 14001 successfully!

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