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BalanceBox® height adjustable mount - move your display with only a light touch and no electric connection needed!

The trend in today's audio visual market is interactivity: touchscreen displays in clasrooms, trainingscenters, video conferencingrooms and on the production floor. To allow each participant to enjoy the benefits of the interactive system, we developed the BalanceBox®: an innovative height adjustable mount solution based on a unique technology with great features. Move your display to any vertical position that you want with the use of just your fingertip. The BalanceBox® is truly unique and very user-friendly as no electric connection is needed. The BalanceBox® gives you ultimate comfort, is extremely reliable and safe. The BalanceBox® is simply the best height adjustable solution in today's market and lets you get the most out of your audio visual experience.

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BalanceBox® | Height adjustable mount