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Did you know - super heavy duty

For the applications that need to load extreme weights, we developed a super heavy duty slide range with load capacities up to 2040 kg or in other words: 3 Dutch dairy cows.

Our super heavy duty slides enlarge our heavy-duty program and include three types of series: the Supreme, Supra, and Jumbo (7619). The slides in this program are a perfect fit for, for example, military and rescue vehicle drawers and pull-outs, fire trucks, machine guarding, battery trays for trains, and door systems.


The Supreme telescopic ball bearing slide range provides a highly accurate and smooth-running movement, under considerable loading. By machining the ball tracks, we can provide beam contact on the ball bearings at four points, which allows for a slight pre-load and effortless extension. The Supreme range is available in interchangeable steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and bi-directional / bilex options.

  • For the technical details of the Supreme Steel / Supreme Steel Bilex range click here;
  • For the technical details of the Supreme Aluminum / Supreme Aluminum Bilex range click here ;
  • For the technical details of the Supreme Stainless Steel range click here ;
  • For the technical details of the Supreme S-Design rang click here ;

Download the brochure here.


The Supra - super heavy duty range - contains of 4 types of slides with a load capacity up to 430 kg. The slides are manufactured from cold drawn and rolled C45 carbon steel, with an aircraft grade aluminum as an option. The bearings and ball cages are made from grade 304 stainless steel. Steel beams are electro galvanized (microns for 72 hrs salt spray test) for best surface protection. 

Jumbo TR-7619 

The Jumbo TR-7619 is a roll-formed, extra heavy duty slide with a load capacity of up to 300 kg with minimal deflection. This telescopic slide offers the highest degree of rigidity, robustness and includes high quality components to guarantee a long life cycle. Up to 1500 mm lengths the Jumbo is available from stock, with several features like a lock-in, lock-out and & front release. Thanks to its robustness the new lock-in and lockout features can be used in extra heavy duty applications.

For technical details click here or download the leaflet

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