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The Municipality of Maastricht and partners of the Maastricht Awards would like to show their appreciation for entrepreneurs of Maastricht. They're going through a difficult phase right now, due to the COVID-19 crisis. The Maastricht Awards is an award for a Maastricht company that excels in its field through innovation, the way of working, and the way it deals with customers and guests. The 9th edition, scheduled for November of this year, will be postponed to April 12th, 2021.

Nevertheless, the organization would like to express its appreciation for entrepreneurs of Maastricht once again this year. On November 20th, the Entrepreneur's Day, the City of Maastricht will put a number of entrepreneurs in the spotlight with a Maastricht Award Box. The city wants to let entrepreneurs know that there is an appreciation for the way in which they are approaching and tackling the current problems, especially now in this difficult period.

The organization of the Maastricht Awards shot a video recently, starring various companies, including Thomas Regout International B.V. 

We are proud of our company and all the entrepreneurs in the city!

Wacht the video here.

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