R and DEtude de cas - Système UDL

A business case of our sales manager in France:

'As a buyer of our ball bearing slide, my customer phones me to ask if I have a selective locking solution as powerful as our ball bearing slide. Making his own system, he has problems of reliability and if his customers are satisfied of the ball bearing slide they complain of the malfunction of the system of selectivity. Interested in a test of our Universal Drawer Lock (the UDL system), I send him a prototype so that he can test it on furniture. We agree that I will visit him when the trial is underway to see how it unfolds.

He calls me a few weeks later while the durability test is running and I pass to the factory on a Friday afternoon while the production is finished for the weekend. But there is a machine still running and the customer informs me that it is the one who tests our UDL system on a piece of furniture where there is also our ball bearing slide. To the formidable noise that this machine makes I think that something must be broken! We get closer and I find that the customer to do his sustainability test has installed the furniture next to his punch press and that the drawer is hooked to the table of the machine. I ask him to stop right away, frightened of the speed and impacts on our UDL system and for the ball bearing slide which supports the drawer with 80 kg of load in.

My customer told me: “don’t worry about it, it is almost finished”. “Almost finished ?” I said. “Yes, counter shows 58.000 cycles. Still 2.000 to go and this is it. When we shall return on Monday we shall have even exceeded the staying 2.000'. I asked him: “You tested 60.000 cycles on a single drawer at this Speed and without ever respecting a break time?". He answered: “Why for? I test it as my customers use it. I must be sure that your UDL system is rather good for my customers. Now I’m!

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