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TRI industry segment

Our heavy-duty linear movement products are uniquely designed to offer the highest degree of rigidity, robustness, and include high-quality components to guarantee a long life cycle.

Our Industry program includes the following telescopic slide ranges: 


The Condor is a 4 beam telescopic ball-bearing drawer slide designed to offer a 150% to 180% extension. With these specifications, the Condor is most suitable for applications in ATM and ticketing machines.


The TR-7619 telescopic slide is very robust and rigid due to the material thickness. This roll-formed, extra heavy duty telescopic slide exceeds a load capacity of 300 kg with a minimum of deflection. The TR-7619 is used in loading platforms, special vehicles, and tooling cabinets.


The Supra and Supreme - extra heavy-duty industrial slide range - have a load capacity up to 2040 kg. Together with the TR-7619, the Supra and Supreme slides, enlarge our robust and rigid product range for applications such as:

  • machine-building industry
  • railway and special vehicle applications
  • medical equipment
  • automotive
  • packaging machines
  • industrial machines

The FlexFit linear guiding system combines a profile and a carrier that enables multiple motion options. The different types are suited for different load capacities and can be used in a vertical, horizontal, and diagonal direction. Typical applications for the FlexFit linear guiding system are vending machines and sliding doors.

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