FlexFit - linear guiding systems

Our linear guides systems are able to solve many motion challenges. In our product selector you can find all specific information (CAD drawings, technical information ed) about these linear guides. This information is also available in our product leaflet.

FlexFit 1537 and FlexFit 1529

Our smooth FlexFit models 1537 and 1529 will help you cover any distance, may it be in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction.

The FlexFit linear guide is a combination of a profile and a carrier that enables multiple linear motion options. Our FlexFit linear guides are uniquely designed for an easy and fast installation. These ready to use products are made of high quality components to guarantee a long service life. There is a Rubber Stop with special TPU buffer (minimize impact forces) available which is flexible to position and there no need for drilling.  

The FlexFit linear guides are typically used in vending and self- checkout machines, special vehicles and tooling cabinets.

Our sales team is available to help you choose the right linear guide for your application.