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Thomas Regout International BV

Thomas Regout International B.V. offers a broad range of telescopic sliding solutions that help move your application in any direction: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Next to our ball bearing telescopic slides we are also a manufacturer of linear guides and different systems and features that can be used together with our drawer slides. Our customer engineers are pleased to help you with solutions to move your product either vertically or horizontally.

To be and to remain your best partner in telescopic slides we have made some major improvements in our factory in Maastricht. Whether you think of robotics, interconnected IT systems, short lead time, high quality products, or a fully controlled production process, we are ready for the future! By incorporating the highest quality standards like IATF 16949 for the automotive industry, ISO 9001 and different environmental certifications like ISO 14001, Reach and RoHS we ensure that our products and services are safe, reliable, sustainable and of high quality.


With our knowledge and experience, we help our customers to stay far in front of the competition. Our technical knowledge combined with the use of high quality materials and an extensive quality control program, allows us to develop high quality products.


By listening and by exploring the latest technology innovations we identify our customers’ current and future needs and turn these market demands into innovative sliding solutions. The use of advanced production methods and sustainable materials ensure optimal quality.


We smoothly adapt to changing market trends and customer demands by rapid design changes and worldwide fast delivery. This makes us an ideal partner for developing new products and exploring new markets.


It’s our strength to offer custom-made solutions, in co-creation with our customers. We prefer to join our customers in the design phase of their projects to co-design the best solution together.


Our employees are the heart of our company and the driving force behind our transition towards “the organization of the future”. The kindness, skills, passion, professionalism, and pride of our people define Thomas Regout International. All our employees get the possibility to deploy their talents, creativity and initiative within our organization. This is made possible by evaluating skills at given times and our employees develop their competences through coaching and education. Ultimately, we keep abreast of the latest insights by attracting young professionals and interns for various disciplines!

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