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We are a reliable and flexible partner who can co-design together with you, our customer. We design high quality sliding systems in our own R&D department. With our knowledge and experience we help our customers to stay far in front of the competition. Incorporating the highest ISO international and environmental standards that ensure that our products and services are safe, reliable, sustainable and of high quality.

We continuously strive to improve the quality of our organization as well as our linear movement solutions in different ways. Next to this we have a very strict environmental policy in order to reduce the use of energy as much as possible and to decrease the amount of waste.

In our long history we have been able to grow into the company we are today: a major player in the ATM, industrial, automotive and furniture markets and an upcoming supplier in the heavy duty market.

Cross Border Partner - Let's Connect

Thomas Regout International is situated in the South of Limburg in the Netherlands. This unique border location is very effective and efficient for our company and for that reason we support the platform of Limburg Cross Partners, which connects a lot of (international) companies where we both benefit from.

Let's have a look towards the movie and see what chances and opportunities we have and can create due to our central position in Limburg.

"We occupy a central position in our European market. To attend a meeting in Southern Germany we travel there and back in a day, instead of losing two days and having to stay overnight."

Challenge us, in any way!

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