ProductsStandard program

We offer a standard product program of sliding systems from our warehouse in Maastricht to any location in the world. We arrange sea and air freight on a daily basis and have much experience in handling VMI stock. This makes it possible to respond to your stock order quickly and arrange transportation according to your wishes.

Our telescopic ball bearing drawer slide stock program consists out of different types of slides as the single extension slide, full extension slide, super heavy duty slides, TR Larder unit and the FlexFit.

Single extension slides

Our single extension slide is a 2-beam cold rolled drawer slide consisting of an inner and outer profile that is interconnected with a ball bearing cage. The travel of these slides goes up to 75% and lengths vary from 200mm to 700mm. The load capacity of these telescopic drawer slides ranges from 35kg to 91kg. The single extension slides are suitable for light duty applications such as kitchen and bathroom drawers as well as office furniture.

Full extension slides

Our full extension telescopic slide is suitable for heavy duty applications such as ATM and ticketing machines is the program you can find under our full extension stock range. These 3-beam and 4-beam ball bearing slides have an extension between 100% and 180%. The lengths go up to 1500 mm, with a load capacity of up to 300 kg.

ULF HD Bilex - full two-way extension

The only full two way extension slide we have available directly from stock is the, 3- beam drawer slide, the ULF HD Bilex. This slide has a travel up to 100% in both directions; the load capacity is 92 kg. Please search for this item in the full extension range in our product selector. 

Super heavy duty range

Our super heavy duty range is available in three different types of telescopic slides, ranging from 300 mm length up to 1500 mm length. The load capacity can even exceed 2040 kg. 


For all of these telescopic slides stock items different features, mounting options, materials, and surface treatments are available upon request

Take a look at our Youtube channel to see the functionality from the features of our telescopic ball bearing slides.