ProductsTR larder unit program

Our TR Larder Unit program offers an innovative range of storage solutions for multiple purposes in wooden, steel and heavy duty applications. In our product selector you can find all specific information (CAD drawings, technical information, etc) about this program. Simply type "larder" as a product title and select the unit of your choice.

Larder Unit for Wood

Wood applications can be found in office furniture were a cabinet can be pulled out of another cabinet (“wood in wood”). These cabinets are often used to separate two working places (desks) and can be used from both sides. The wood larder unit can be used for soft-closed applications up to 120 kg. Visit our Youtube Channel to find put more about the function of the Soft Close damper feature. 

Larder Unit for Steel

Steel applications such as high pull out frames fitted with wire baskets, found in overall kitchen design. The TR Larder Unit consists of a rigid bottom unit and top slide for side stability, soft closed for applications up to 120 kg.

Larder Unit for Heavy Duty

In our TR Larder Unit program we also have the heavy duty larder units available. This heavy duty Larder Unit is especially designed for the professional storage industry to guide large vertical pull out panels that store heavy equipment. The system is based around the TR-7619 slide and offers up to 300 kg load capacity with minimal deflection to guarantee a maintenance free long life.