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We are a global supplier in the design and production of telescopic ball bearing drawer slides for a wide range of professional storage applications such as toolboxes and warehousing. 

To meet your specific demands we offer an extensive line of unique features, designed by our own R&D department . If required, tailor-made by co-creating. Our telescopic slides for the professional storage segment are maintenance-free, featured by a long lifetime quality, and suitable for high load capacities.

Whether you concentrate on:

  • Toolbox & Medical storage
  • Special vehicles
  • Warehouse

We will develop a solution for you.


The usage of our products in the professional storage segment is very diverse. The applications of this segment demand lightweight ball bearing slides with high load capacities as well as very strong, heavy duty slides.

Aluminum Slides

Our aluminum telescopic ball bearing drawer slides have a 30% lower weight than the standard steel ones, offering considerable weight reduction advantages. By using the aluminum disconnect, the drawer will be removed from the cabinet with only one push. These telescopic slides are very practical in-service vehicles.

Hybrid Slides

For our hybrid telescopic slides, the lightweight qualities of aluminum are combined with the strong qualities of steel. This way, the slide is still lower in weight than a standard steel one, however, this product can be used for higher load capacities. The hybrid slides are especially suited for toolbox applications.


The TR-7619 is very robust and rigid due to the material thickness. This roll-formed, extra heavy duty telescopic drawer slide exceeds a load capacity of 300 kg with a minimum of deflection. The TR-7619 is used in loading platforms, special vehicles, and tooling cabinets.


The UDL is a locking and anti-tilt mechanism with a pre-determined 25 mm pitch dimension, lockable at every position. The UDL fulfills many security and safety-related issues. Opening only one drawer at a time makes the product burglar-proof. The UDL is used in toolbox applications.

More information? Contact us or download our Professional storage brochure. Take a look at our Youtube channel to see the functionality from the features of our telescopic ball bearing slides.