Our technical knowledge combined with the use of high quality materials and an extensive quality control program, allows us to develop high-quality products incorporating the highest standard for the automotive industry: IATF 16949.

From supplying a smooth moving superior and cost friendly armrest slide used in personal cars, supplying complex heavy duty sliding solutions for special vehicles, to all different kinds of sliding requirements in the truck industry. We are a reliable and flexible partner for the automobile industry and are convinced we have the right telescopic ball bearing sliding solution. We are a global supplier for applications in:

  • Personal cars
  • Trucks
  • Special vehicles


Our tailor made telescopic ball bearing drawer slide range for the automotive industry is divided into four main categories, all designed in accordance with the highest quality standard.

Monte - Versatile Flat Mount Slide

The Versatile Flat Mount Slide, uses a patented friction guiding system instead of ball bearings. This system works with adjustable, spring biased, gliding strips and is developed and produced according to IATF 16949 standards.

The main application of this Monte is armrest guidance in the automotive industry, for which the HAS is the perfection solution. But it is also well suited for other applications where constant force motion is required such as:

  • mid consoles of personal cars;
  • headrests of personal cars; 
  • lower leg seat support of personal cars:
  • head rests of airplane chairs;
  • trucker's bed 

Custom made slides can be produced with customer-specific requirements in coating, length, extension, features and mounting possibilities.

TR - 7619

The TR-7619 Jumbo is very robust and rigid. This roll formed, extra heavy duty telescopic ball bearing slide exceeds a load capacity of 300 kg with a minimum of deflection. This type of slide includes heavy duty stops and has a unique ball cage design. This heavy duty slide is particularly useful in loading platforms and special vehicles.


Our ULF HD ALU - aluminum telescopic ball bearing drawer slides - weigh 30% - 50% less than the standard steel ones, offering considerable weight reduction advantages. By using the aluminum disconnect, the drawer can be removed from the cabinet with only one push.


The ULF HD is a 3 section telescopic drawer slide that is mostly used for refrigerator and bed applications within trucks and specials vehicles. A high load capacity, smooth movement, and unique features in combination with special fixations guarantee a long, safe, and reliable lifetime.

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