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By listening to our customers, we constantly develop new ideas for our telescopic drawer runners We are able to supply customer-specific telescopic ball bearing slides with a whole range of features and systems, this way we can offer more added value for you as our customer. In our product selector you can find our complete product program of our drawer runners. At the product detail page you can find out which feature and/ or system is possible for each specific telescopic slide. You can also download our complete product and feature overview.

In the past time we have developed features for different kinds of closing systems as soft close dampers and pull in mechanisms which can be combined with different types of telescopic drawer runners. Other ball bearing slide features like lock in and lock out or even combined are also available at Thomas Regout International B.V. Next to our features and systems we have also different fixations for our drawer slides; holes, countersunk holes, tabs, press inserts and brackets are all examples which can be made customer specific for your application.

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Some of our customers demand a complete system with integrated drawer slides. Next to the larder unit we have an Integrated Slide Lock system (ISL) and a Universal Drawer Lock system (UDL) available combined with Thomas Regout ball bearing slides.

Integrated Slide Lock system (ISL)

The Integrated Slide Lock system (ISL) is designed to prevent the possibility of opening several drawers in a cabinet simultaneously. Thus eliminating the risk of the cabinet tipping over (Anti-Tilt). Furthermore, the ISL system can be combined with a central locking system. This system, which can be mounted easily into the cabinet, connects the ISL with the drawer slides together with a central lock in the cabinet. It is also prepared for flipper door applications. The locking system has a self-adjustable feature that makes it possible to close the lock, even when a drawer is still opened. After closing the drawer, it will be locked as well. So, there is one central lock to secure all ISL fitted drawer slides and the position of the lock can be freely determined (also fixation in drawer front). ISL slides have a build-in pull-in function and can also be used separately.

Universal Drawer Lock system (UDL)

The Universal drawer lock system (UDL) is a customized locking bar and anti-tilt system for toolbox cabinets which can be combined with telescopic drawer slides that have a fail-safe or a lock-in feature. The Universal Drawer Lock system fulfils many security and safety related issues. Furthermore it prevents misuse and accidental self-locking if it is not used in a proper way. We have improved to a more simple assembly of our ball bearing slides together with a higher quality locking mechanism that meets the RAL safety requirements. Need more information about our Universal Drawer Lock Sytem?

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