ProductsSingle extension slide

The single extension slide is a 2-beam cold rolled drawer slide consisting of an inner and outer profile that is interconnected with a ball bearing cage. These telescopic drawer slides have a maximum travel of 75% and lengths vary from 200mm to 700mm. The load capacity of these ball bearing slides ranges from 35kg to 91kg. Our single extension slide is suitable for light-duty applications such as kitchen and bathroom drawers as well as office furniture.

Single extension two-way slide

Next to the single extension drawer slide we also have a single two-way extension slide available. This means the slide can travel in two directions with an extension of up to 75%. Lengths, travels, and weights are customer-specific.

Material, systems, and features 

All our telescopic slides have standard corrosion resisting zinc plated blue finishing and the material has passed the 120 hours salt spray test (ISO-9227/ ASTM- B 117). Next to the blue finishing, we can also offer a black passivation. To complete your custom design, we have various features available such as integrated locks, brackets, and soft-close systems. You can take a look at these features on our Youtube channel. 


When you have a special design request upon a single extension slide, you can co-design it together with our R&D department


Please have a look at our single extension slide stock. If you need help to find the perfect telescopic slide for your application, please use our product selector. If you need further assistance, please contact your sales support assistant.

Take a look at our Youtube channel to see the functionality from the features of our telescopic ball bearing drawer runners.