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Choosing a telescopic slide or ball bearing slide of Thomas Regout International is choosing a high quality and customized solution. In order to select the perfect slide for your application use our product selector

Our product range - possibilities

Our product range consists of different types of light duty to heavy duty telescopic slides.

When you have a special design request, with our R&D department you can co-design a slide exactly the way you want. If you need help to find the perfect slide for you, please use our productselector. If you need further assistance, please contact our sales department or one of our distributors.

We deliver the stock items from our warehouse in Maastricht to any location in the world. We are a partner that arranges sea and air freight daily, furthermore, we have a wide experience in handling VMI stock. We can respond to your orders quickly and smoothly and arrange transportation according to your wishes. distributors.

Single extension slide

The single extension slides are 2-beam cold rolled drawer slides consisting of an inner and outer profile that are interconnected with a ball bearing cage. The travel of these slides is maximum 75%. The lengths vary from 200 mm to 700 mm and the load capacity of these ball bearing slides ranges from 35 kg to 91 kg. These single extension slides are suitable for light duty applications such as kitchen and bathroom drawers as well as office furniture.

All our slides have a standard corrosion resisting zinc plated blue finishing. The material has passed the 120 hours salt spray test (ISO-9227/ ASTM- B 117). Next to the blue finishing, we can also offer black passivation or pre-galvanisation.

To complete your custom design, we have various features available such as integrated locks, brackets and soft close systems. Take a look at our Youtube channel to see the functionality from the features of our telescopic ball bearing drawer slide.  

Full extension

Full extension slides consist of 3 profiles, an inner, a middle, and outer profile. Next to this variant we also have a 4 beam slide with an inner, a middle, another middle, and outer profile. These are all interconnected with ball bearing cages for a smooth movement of sliding. These telescopic slides can be used for heavy duty applications. The load capacitity is ranging from 28 kg to 289 kg, based on different cycle tests. These types of slides are produced in different lengths and extensions, which is ranging from 100% to 180%.

The ball bearing slides have standard a corrosion-resistant zinc plating blue finishing. Next to the basic slider, you can choose from different features to make your own customized slide. Take a look at our Youtube channel to see the functionality from the features of our telescopic ball bearing drawer slides. There are different possibilities for opening and closing the slide, whereas there are different mounting opportunities. Next to the blue finishing, you may also choose for other finishings or materials such as aluminum, pre- galvanised or stainless steel.

  • Single two-way extension

Single two-way travel means the slide can travel in two directions.

  • Full two-way extension

Full two-way travel means the slide can travel in two directions.

Load capacity

Load capacity varies as a result of a number of factors. The main factors being the type of slide, length, and ratio between pull-out length and closed length. Another important factor is the number of cycles the slide is required to make. Thomas Regout distinguishes the type of usage between dynamic use and static use. Other factors that influence the load capacity are the features the slide is equipped with, and how it is mounted. Slides are usually mounted sideways so all data concerning load-capacity will be given for side mounted use. For information about the load capacity with bottom-mounted slides, please contact our sales department.


The extension is defined as the ratio of the travel length of the slide (T) and the lenght of the slide in a closed position (L): T = (T/L)*100%. The influence of the extension and length of the slide on the load capacity is shown in the graph below.


Thomas Regout slides are available in numerous materials and coatings. Below is an overview of all the materials used in our slides. All our products are compliant with EU ROHS standards.


  • Cold rolled, low carbon and high yield strength steel according to EN 10268 and EN 10139

  • Pre-galvanized low carbon and high yield strength steel according to EN 10147 and EN 10139

  • Stainless steel according to EN 10088-2 and EN 10259

Ball cages: Electrolytically galvanized, cold rolled, low carbon and high yield strength steel according to EN 10131 and EN 10152

Ball bearings: Hardened carbon steel C15, Kl 4 DIN 5401

Locking features: PA, PE, PBTP, TPU, EPDM

Sequence devices: PA, TPU, PP Bumpers: RR PA, TPU, EPDM

Lubrication: Heavy duty ball bearing grease (free of lead), based on mineral oil

Stainless steel:
More and more telescopic slides are used in new applications which requires very high corrosion resistance. Due to this fact, Thomas Regout has created the possibility to supply its total product range in stainless steel according to EN 10088-2 and EN 10259. Please inform us about your requirements to create the slide you need. Surface treatment: our slides are available in a selection of standard finishes to the specifications listed below. If you require an alternative or specialized finish not listed, please contact us for further information

Surface treatment (finishing):
Our slides are available in a selection of standard finishes. These finishings can be found in the feature list. The overview provides information about which slide can have a specific surface treatment.

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