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In our own R&D department, we design innovative telescopic ball bearing drawer slides for different furniture applications. During the years we have gained a lot of experience and for that reason, we can provide our customers with an extensive line of special features and telescopic slides with a high quality feeling. Besides our outstanding design capabilities for the wide range of products in the furniture markets, we are also competent in designing complete customized systems.           

Thomas Regout International  is your partner in:

  • Office furniture
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Shopfitting


Our wide range of telescopic ball bearing sliding systems can be used in a lot of different furniture applications. Our main focus products in this program are the following telescopic drawer slides: ULF HD, the Titan, the Chemistry Cabinet (Soft-Close Column System), and the Finn. 


The ULF HD is a 3 beam telescopic ball bearing slide to offer a 100% to 130% extension with a load capacity of 100 kg. This telescopic slide can be used together with different features such as a soft-close, pull-in, disconnect and many more for the office and shopfitting markets.


The Titan is a heavy duty, full extension, telescopic drawer slide with a load capacity up to 200 kg combined with a travel of 130%. This type of telescopic slide is applicable for heavy loaded storage systems for kitchens and shopfitting applications.

Chemistry Cabinet

The combination of smooth moving telescopic drawer slides, a 115 mm pull in and a load capacity of 80 - 120 kg make this system unique for the kitchen market. The soft-close damper gives an exclusive feeling towards the end-user. This telescopic sliding system can be used in heavy duty cabinet solutions in the office market. Go to our Youtube Channel to see how the Soft Close damper operates. 


The Finn is a 2-beam cold rolled telescopic drawer slide applicable for medium duty applications such as kitchen and bathroom drawers. The Bilex version allows access from both sides of the drawer without any loss of space. Bayonets, countersunk holes, drawer carriers, and other possibilities are available for mounting.

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Take a look at our Youtube channel to see the functionality from the features of our telescopic ball bearing slides.