ProductsFull extension slide

The full extension slide consist of 3 profiles, an inner, a middle and outer profile. Next to this variant of the full extension slide we also have a 4 beam slide with an inner, a middle, another middle and outer profile. These are all interconnected with ball bearing cages for a smooth movement of sliding. The full extension slide can be used for heavy duty applications. The loadcapacitity is ranging from 28 kg until 350 kg based on different cycle tests. These types of full extension slides are produced in different lengths and extensions, which is ranging from 100% until 180%.

The ball bearing slides have standard a corrosion resistant zinc plating blue finishing. Next to the basic slider, you can choose from different features to make your own customized slide. There are different possibilities for opening and closing the full extension slide, whereas there are different mounting opportunities. Take a look at our Youtube channel to see the functionality from the features of our telescopic ball bearing slides. 

Next to the blue finishing, you may also choose for other finishings or materials such as aluminium, pre galvanised or stainless steel.

We also have a full two way extension available. A full two way travel means the telescopic slide can travel in two directions and has an extension of even 130%. We have a Bilex stock item available in different lengths.

When you have a special design request upon a full extension slide, with our R&D department you can co-design a slide exactly the way you want.

Please have a look at our full extension slide stock. If you need help to find the perfect telescopic slide for you, please use our productselector. If you need further assistance, please contact your sales support assistant.