R and DFlexFit for self-check out units

Self-checkout systems have experienced a surge in popularity over the past years. As the FlexFit linear guide is a combination of a profile and a carrier uniquely designed for an easy and fast installation it offers a lot of advantages for the self-check out systems.

The FlexFit linear guide is the actual basis for a height adjustable system which brings the monitor at the ergonomic correct position for the self check out user. Our engineers have co-designed an innovative solution for the end customer. A complete new system based around the FlexFit linear guide, including an easy operable height adjustable system and the necessary sheet metal products to mount it and hold it together.

The system is made of high quality components to guarantee a long –maintenance free- service life. Next to the self-check out units, the FlexFit linear guide is used in all kinds of vending machines, special vehicles, tooling cabinets and even sports equipment for gym studio’s.

Do you need a kind of similar system together with a linear motion product for vertical or horizontal movement, please contact us.

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