R and DOur department

Product and process development is a key to a sustaining company. The projects start with developing a business case together with the product manager. If our companies steering committee approves the business case, the development project can really start.This is done in a gated process with milestones af every phase end. At Thomas Regout International B.V. we split the project in the definition, concept, prototype and release phase.

The R&D department has sufficient man power, skills and experience to perform most of the development without support. If required, experts from other internal departments or external companies can help. The R&D department has specialists in the field of product development, process development, project management, prototyping, testing, purchasing and supplier quality. To maximise our performance, we use sophisticated CAD and CAE software. 

Another important task of the R&D department is to sustain the current products. At our company this is called the Toolbox. Existing products are assessed and changed or updated when required.

The R&D team aids the company in staying competitive with others. The department is able to benchmark products and research new trends within the industry. This research aids the department in developing and updating the products created by the company. The team helps direct the future of the company based on innovation and controlled development.

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