R and DTR Larder Unit program

Our TR Larder Unit program is an innovative range of storage solutions for kitchen furniture, professional storage and office furniture. 

Kitchen larder units are high pull out frames with wire baskets, or trays, and mounted fronts, that fit in the overall kitchen design. We developed a pull out system with a bottom up and topslide in combination with a damper for applications up to 120 kg. Go to our Youtube Channel to see how the Soft Close damper feature functions. 

The newest TR larder units in our TR Larder Unit program are especially designed for the professional storage industry and office furniture. For the professional storage we developed a larder unit that can be used with large vertical door-like pull out panels. These panels are often used to store heavy equipment by means of hanging them to the panel. For office furniture the so called “wood in wood” unit is designed to pull out a wooden cabinet from out off another wooden or metal cabinet. These cabinets are often used to separate two working places (desks) and give the opportunity to use the cabinet from both sides.

Especially the professional storage market for tooling cabinets demands robust systems with a high load capacity. We developed a complete new pull out system together with the TR-7619 slide up to 300 kg with a minimal of deflection. This system offers the highest degree of rigidity, robustness and includes high quality components to guarantee a long life cycle.

Next to that we are starting with new studies for 500+ kg applications. Our R&D department is analysing and testing new prototypes in order to fulfil the market requirements and complete our TR Larder Unit program.

For more information please contact one of our engineers.

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