About usThe Regout Group

The Regout Group employs over 300 employees and offers a wide range of competences such as customer specific engineering, after sales service next to trade and a high level of quality and innovation. The strategy is aimed at supporting the individual companies with all its core competences within the group as well as having a strong focus on local management. In addition we promote the companies to work together, share knowledge and make use of synergy.

The Regout Group BV is interested in companies that add to or share their competences and wants to let them participate in the benefits of belonging to the Regout Group.

The Regout Group exists of 5 companies

Thomas Regout B.V., a trade and production company for decorative curtain hardware and aluminium profiles.

Thomas Regout International B.V., a production company for high quality ball bearing slides, linear guides and vertical balance systems.

Regout Balance Systems B.V., focused on commercialising linear balancing technology.

Thomas Regout Inc., a USA based company, focused on commercialising linear balancing technology.

Drillmasters, a fully automatic drill production company and a high quality regrinding and re-sharpening drills facility.

At the moment we do have the following vacancy available at the Regout Group

Information Engineer

Factory | Telescopic slides | Thomas Regout International B.V.